We have previously built with Moloko Homes, around 3 years ago. Having had such a wonderful experience with them the first time, we had no hesitation in building with them again.

We have found there customer service to be the most outstanding quality. When building with them the first time, we were amazed by the personalised service. They are always approachable and respond to requests in a very prompt manner. Since our first experience the company has grown, however we are happy to say that the high level of customer service has remained. Building a new home can be stressful, however coupled with the amazing customer service and a wonderful new inclusion of time with an interior designer you feel supported throughout the entire process.

When minor issues have arisen they have been rectified promptly and without question. We also found that the high standard that Moloko have means that the contactors they use are of the same calibre, we found all to be professional, friendly, polite and also very accommodating while completing a high quality job.

We would recommend any one to have a Moloko Homes experience.

Cameron & Michelle


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